R.E.A.C.H. PYLUSD Middle School Track Meet: All it Takes is All You’ve Got!


Middle school track teams all across the Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District engaged in the 2022 track meet.

The event included a 4*100 meter race, 4*200 meter race, 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, 300-meter dash, 1600 meter dash, long jump, high jump, and shot put.


    The schools that competed consisted of Bernardo, Kramer, Parkview, Tufree, Travis Ranch, Valadez, and Yorba Linda. The PE teachers and the principals of the schools also accompanied the competitors at the track meet. “We were so excited to host this event with Coach Jesse Gomez of YLHS and his track team students” stated 



    So far the event has inspired thousands of students to participate in track and field and has introduced many to track and field and has given them many new experiences and knowledge of the sport. “I learned how to work better with my relay team and other people and I learned many stretches and better running techniques,” stated Olivia Pachon, a participant in the track and field event. 


 According to Reach4pylusd, many students who took part in middle school track and field have later joined the track and field or cross-country teams in high school. 


    The event took place in the Shapell Stadium at Yorba Linda High School, Yorba Linda’s track program and coach Jesse Martinez also assisted it. The event lasted about 3 hours, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, and was held on May 11, 2022, according to PYLUSD.org. 


    Following each event, awards, medals, and ribbons was given to the competitors who finished the top 3 out of the competition. In the relay, Bernardo Yorba teams placed first: in the men’s 4*100 8th grade race, 4*200 women’s 7th and 8th-grade race, and individual winners in Bernardo were: Sam Bayoumy in the women’s 100 (7th grade), Brady Pastian men’s 200 (8th-grade elite), Kayla Duke women’s 200 (8th grade), Svea Hazlett women’s 200 (8th grade), Isabella Wroblaski women’s 300 (7th-grade elite) and women’s 1600 (7th grade), Brady Pastian in men’s 8th-grade high jump, Mia Redshaw women’s 8th-grade high jump, and Izzy Parker in women 8th grade long jump. 


    The annual track meet was the 4th and final event of the district’s expanded middle school intramural sports program. It comprises students competing in volleyball, cross-country, basketball, and track and field according to PYLUSD reach foundation’s good news report. Overall, the Bernardo students did an amazing job and made Bernardo proud. 


For more results and information, please check: Athletic.net.