Mrs. Perez: “Struggle With a Sense of Purpose and Success Along the Way is the Perfect Process”


Mrs. Perez, Language Arts and Newspaper teacher at BYMS believes that it is renewing to see students’ progress and experience the moment with them as they publish their first article in the Matador Messenger Newspaper.

She has worked as a teacher for 36 years. Mrs. Perez first started teaching at Portola middle school in Orange, for about four years then at La Entrada High School for 9 years before moving to BYMS where she has been currently teaching for 26 years. 

She has a bachelor of arts in English literature from Cal State Fullerton. Mrs. Perez also mentioned in an interview with the Matador Messenger that she has, “completed a number of other courses through various universities beyond that.” 

When it came to inspiration, Mrs. Perez’s middle school teachers were very inspiring to her, in particular her Language Arts, Yearbook, Journalism, and History teachers. She first had in mind to be a journalist, however, in college, she found that she really enjoyed her literature classes and wanted to be a teacher.

For Mrs. Perez, “it is always rewarding to see students progress especially in areas of writing, in language arts when I see students who are making connections.” Watching students publish and progress with writing articles is also a rewarding factor as the advisor in the matador messenger. She has been working in the Matador Messenger newspaper for around 10 years.

When not teaching Mrs. Perez is always making a variety of unique crafts. “As a kid, I would make things out of tinfoil and create things out of plant leaves.” She also works with clay and mosaics and has sold at craft fairs.

As for some advice Mrs. Perez mentioned that it is important to look towards making “…your future self proud. So that youŕe not just being in the moment but also thinking about being in the future. Know that the struggle is a part of growth. So to struggle is to improve and change, and from that, never be the same.”

A quote that Mrs. Perez lives by is, “Grow through what you go through.”  In terms of what she has gone through with cancer, this quote really helps show that struggle is an opportunity for improvement and strength.