Mrs. Sohn Selects Jasmin Ho as “Science Student of the Week”

Mrs. Sohn Selects Jasmin Ho as “Science Student of the Week”

Eighth-grader Jasmin Ho was selected by Mrs. Sohn as a student of the week for science.


In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Jasmin stated that she “was stunned to be chosen for this title among other individuals.”


One way Jasmin excelled in science was through her creative design and excellent presentation of her egg drop project.


Mrs. Sohn appreciates how Jasmin “always produces high-quality work anytime, is a good role model for students, is an amazing TA, has a positive attitude, is the hardest worker in the room, and has a sweet personality.” Other than excelling in the egg drop project, she also shows “amazing work ethic”. Mrs. Sohn also said that she shows “strong role model behavior”. 


She also explained that Jasmin manages her work well and gets it done on time. 


An activity in science that Jasmin specifically enjoys partaking in is labs, because she gets to experience teamwork. She stated, “I am also elated to fully take advantage of collaborating with others”.


Jasmin recognizes and admires Mrs. Sohn’s support and dedication toward her students and how she “provides a safe classroom to be in”. Jasmine also appreciates how Mrs. Sohn “offers opportunities for everyone to spark through and contribute.”


Outside of school, Jasmin states she enjoys playing water polo, board games, and watching sunsets.