Peer Leadership Hosts a Toy Drive

Peer Leadership Hosts a Toy Drive

  This following week, right before winter break, Peer Leadership is encouraging students to donate to our BYMS toy drive for ages 8-18, sponsored by Lot 318.

The drop-off box will be located in the library, from Monday, December 13th to Friday, December 17. At the break, you can drop off any new toys or gifts you choose to donate. 

A fellow Matador, Rohit Ramesh, was interviewed and he had an interesting opinion on the toy drive. He stated,  “I think those in need will really appreciate the gifts they are getting.¨ We can clearly see that at BYMS, our students are excited to give during this holiday season. 

Another perspective is from BYMS  vice-principal, Mr. Maes, who gave his inside look on the drive. “…Growing up as a person who didn’t get to do a lot of that because we didn’t have the money, I would have loved to have had somebody provide me with a toy, because I know it would have made me feel special, so I know it would make them feel special too,” he said. 

This is what is so great about this holiday season: Everybody is eager to give to one another, and it can often result in great things, such as toy drives and charities.