Makeup Brand Creates Eco-Friendly Mascara



Izzy Zero Waste Beauty is a brand that creates a zero waste mascara that keeps the environment clean. 

It is very hard to get away from plastic with mascara, but Izzy made it happen. With this zero-waste product, you can still use mascara without hurting the environment. It creates a major breakthrough for a product that has less attention compared to others. You can clean and refill the bottle once you finish the product.

The founder of Izzy Beauty, Shannon Goldberg, is a beauty industry veteran. Through the years, she“ grew tired of seeing plastic everywhere.” 

This mascara is made in America and uses a military-grade metal. The metal can last for tens of thousands of cycles. Goldberg states, “The Izzy mascara you hold today could be handed down to your grandchildren years from now. That’s how long it’s meant to last.” 

The only plastic in the tube is in the wand. However, the plastic used was recycled. Many say that the mascara is really good and only takes one step to apply.

Overall this is a really great mascara. Not only is it good for your eyelashes, but it is good for the environment.