Isabella Wroblewski: Upcoming Olympian?


             Isabella Wroblewski recently won the district’s track meet and placed first in the entire district. With an astounding record for running different lengths, she just may be a Junior Olympian! 


BYMS’s Cross-Country club competed in the District during December 11, 2021. Our Cross-Country club was even honored with many awards. 


When asked what inspired Isabella to join the cross-country club and how she felt about coming in first, she stated,“I love cross-country. I ran outside of school so it felt like I had a lot of experience, so I thought it would be fun to join! I was also really excited about coming in first!”


Isabella is a very talented person when it comes to running, as she has been running professionally since she was seven years old. She plans to place in the top 20 at the All-American Junior Olympics.