Live with Nature with the First ‘Living Coffin’


Traditional coffins protect you from nature, but what about living with nature? Scientists have managed to create the first “Living” coffin, with the goal of reimagining our last resting place as a source of renewal rather than finality.

Loop Biotech, located in the Netherlands, is a company aiming to expand the opportunities for those seeking a more eco-friendly exit experience. The Loop Living Cocoon is rapidly expanding in popularity because of how it works. Instead of being made of biodegradable materials such as bamboo or cotton, the Loop Cocoon is made out of living mushroom mycelium.

“I took a long time to arrive at such a concept,” founder Bob Hendrikx tells Treehugger,“because it’s really about a new fundamental approach of collaborating with living organisms, instead of working with dead materials. We see nature as sort of this supermarket where we like to kill organisms and then collaborate with them.” 

Hendrix  happened to stumble upon mycelium, the biggest recycler in nature, when looking into living biodegradable organisms. Mycelium is a fast-growing fungus. It is found almost everywhere in nature. As previously mentioned, mycelium is the biggest recycler in nature—capable of breaking down a variety of substances. These include pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. In other words, it’s the perfect solution for helping to decompose humans safely into nature according to Treehugger.

When researching living biodegradable organisms, Bob came across mycelium, the world’s largest recycler. Mycelium is a fast-growing fungus. It can be found practically everywhere in the world. As previously stated, mycelium is nature’s most powerful recycler, capable of breaking down a wide range of pesticides. Personal care products, herbicides, and heavy metals are among them. In other words, it’s the perfect solution for helping to decompose humans safely into nature.