Independent Study P.E Student Profile: Savanah Cicero


Photo Courtesy By Savanah Cicero

At BYMS, students who are at competition level in a sport and practice multiple hours a week are in the Independent Study P.E program. This allows them to skip P.E because they can do physical activity on their own. One of these students is BYMS seventh grader, Savanah Cicero.

“The sport I participate in is dance. I started dance when I was two years old, and have never stopped,” stated Savanah Cicero in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

Savanah Cicero practices dance at K2 Studios in Corona, off of Green River. At K2 Studios, students can learn yoga and various types of dance such as: jazz, contemporary, tap, lyrical, for example.

Between school and 30 hours of dance practice a week, Savanah says the most difficult part about being a serious athlete and a student is keeping her grades up and not letting them slip. “Being a serious athlete is probably trying my hardest. Also, getting a good score for dance and taking care of myself, is important so I don’t have to stop,” stated Savanah.

Savanah competes in numerous dance competitions such as Revolution, Hall of Fame, and Spotlight.“Something about my competitions is that you can be in beginning, intermediate, or advanced,” stated Savanah. Savanah plans on continuing dance throughout high school and college.

Even though it’s hard work and there are assignments from school to complete, Savanah says, “The most gratifying thing of being a student and a serious athlete is that I get to learn new things that led to me getting better at that one thing. Being a serious athlete is great because I have people that support me.”