These 10 Foods Can Help Fight the Flu


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Got the flu?  Research shows these 10 foods could help fight it.

One food that could fight this sickness is fresh garlic.  According to, since garlic is so strong smelling, it can overpower the sickness.  In addition, garlic has phytochemical allicin which helps fight the cold. Studies show that people taking phytochemical allicin supplements have a 46% chance of getting fewer colds and recovering faster from sickness, according to

Another food that could help fight the flu is strawberries.  According to, this fruit could reduce the duration and intensity of sickness.

Sweet potatoes can also help build up and strengthen one’s immune system, causing less chance of sickness.  Oranges, egg yolks, cantaloupe, and chocolate are also great immune builders, according to Probiotics from yogurt and other naturally fermented foods can also enhance immune function, reported

Mushrooms are a great healthy food because they hold two big fighting substances.  One is selenium which produces cytokines which help white blood cells clear sickness.  They also have beta glucan, which activates stronger cells that could destroy diseases faster, according to

Vitamin D is a big factor in fighting the flu.  You could get vitamin d from the sun’s rays, and salmon.  This would help build a stronger respiratory system, and avoid infection, according to  Vitamin E in almonds can also help with this factor reported

Zinc is also good for fighting colds.  This can be found in oysters. According to, one medium oyster could provide all the zinc one needs for the day.

Don’t forget to eat healthy and fight the flu.