Kickstarter Of The Week: KAMI-OTO, The DIY Cardboard Musical Keyboard Kit


Photo Courtesy Of Kickstarter

Using the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, also known as origami, Reo Nagumo has created the first DIY cardboard keyboard kit called KAMI-OTO.

“Since I was originally a composer, I would like to take out a MIDI keyboard easily with a smartphone. In addition to making music, I also want to tell that we can handmade electronic musical instruments, and the fun that anyone can be a creator,” stated Reo Nagumo, the creator of the Kami-Oto, in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

The Kami-OTO changes the MIDI keyboard, a piano-style electric keyboard, to a smartphone and a homemade cardboard keyboard kit.

“The  user mounts the silicon rubber contacts assembles the cardboard keyboard component while enjoying the composition, until finally the musical keyboard is complete,” according to

The Kami OTO is made with three sheets of cardboard, one sheet of silicone rubber, one sheet electronic substrate, and instructions.  It’s made the same with or without Bluetooth.The Kami-OTO in size is W280xD90xH18 and weighs 80g.

“KAMI – OTO is a keyboard that you can play with the latest models of your existing device, with the feeling of enjoying the plastic model and the work as a child when playing,” said Nagumo.

People of all ages can enjoy this affordable Cardboard Musical Keyboard kit. “People say that it is difficult for the world to live with only what you like, but I want you to keep challenging forever without forgetting the passion of childhood,” stated Nagumo. Most families own phones, and tablets making it easy for the people wanting to start a career or just for fun won’t have to pay a lot for normal electric keyboard, according to kickstarter

On the Kickstarter website, the goal is to reach $18,702 by March 24, 2018. It has already reached $8,379.