Top 5 Most Common Food Allergies

Top 5 Most Common Food Allergies

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In The USA, allergies affect 50 million people,with symptoms ranging from annoying sneezing and sinus congestion to a stopping of breath. This is why the Epipen was created and is being used with over 3.6 million prescribed in 2015 alone, as stated by This is 196.3 times more people than the Honda Center can hold, according to   The following are the top 5 food allergies and their symptoms:

1.  Wheat:

Wheat is one of the most common allergies. Wheat allergy symptoms include: Stomach upset, Hives, swelling, difficulty breathing, etc. Wheat is found in many different food products, which makes it difficult for people with this allergy. Some foods that do not contain wheat are potatoes, rice, corn, Agar Agar, and chocolate, as stated by Foods with wheat are: baked goods, pasta, and pizza.

2. Milk:

Milk allergies have more than 200,000 cases a year. This allergy usually lasts a lifetime and can not be cured. Some symptoms of milk allergies are; hives, rashing, vomiting, and cramping. Some foods without milk are french and white bread, meringues, honey, and jelly.

3. Egg:

Egg is another one of the most common food allergies. 1.3 % of children in the USA have egg allergies, according to Some symptoms of Egg allergies include: Hives, rash, respiratory problems, and stomach pains. Some foods that do not include eggs are bread, cream of wheat, corn chips, and macaroni and cheese mix stated by Some food that contain egg are cake, caesar salad dressing.

4. Peanuts:

Some symptoms of peanut allergies are; itchiness, swelling, tightened throat, wheezing, and stomach cramps. Some foods without peanuts are lasagna, steak, chicken, and pringles. Some food with hidden peanuts in them are barbecue sauces, some chocolate bars, and egg rolls as stated by

5. Fish:

Forty percent of people experience their first fish allergy as adults, and the allergy is usually life long. Some symptoms of fish allergies are: Hives, vomiting, headaches, and stuffy nose, according to Some foods with hidden fish products include Ethnic foods (Such as Fried rice and Spring rolls), gelatin, and deep fryers also have touched fish so beware.

Some signs of an allergy attack are itchy or watery eyes, sneezing, scratchy or sore throat, and stuffy or runny nose. If someone has an allergic reaction, first step is to seek emergency care. If the person stops breathing, you’ll have to do CPR. Inject them with epinephrine, this will not harm them if it is a false attack, but could save their life. Make sure to follow up for 24 hours afterward to make sure another attack does not occur, as stated by