Smartphone Addiction Could be Changing Your Brain


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Over 50% of teens believe that they are addicted to their cell phones, according to CNN. Phone addiction can cause anxiety, depression, insomnia, impulsive behavior, and eye fatigue.

According to (News Site) it can also cause suicide rates to rise. Between 2010 and 2015, female suicide rates rose by 65%, as well as female depression, increased up to 58% from cyberbullying states TIME NEWS.

There are many ways to avoid or end phone addiction according to gadgetsnow. Try eliminating your phone from meals, removing excess apps, turn off notifications, don’t bring your phone in the bathroom, never use phone as an alarm clock.

If you really can’t help yourself you might as well buy a minimalist cell phone, such as a Punkt MP01 according to WIRED . WIRED states the Punkt MP01 is an ideal way to hold on to the convenience of a safe phone but without the unnecessary apps.

Many parents claim that cell phones are destroying society and social skills, seen as no one is communicating. Teens spend six more hours a day on media (3:9) than they do playing games according to CBS news. Not that this is any form of media, it could be YouTube, texting, calling or FaceTiming.