Kickstarter: Wiral LITE: The First Cable Camera System for Impossible Shots

Kickstarter: Wiral LITE: The First Cable Camera System for Impossible Shots

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Professional and amateur film makers looking to reach those “out of reach” shots with an new affordable and easy to use cable camera may soon be able to purchase the Wiral LITE, a newly funded Kickstarter product that makes those “impossible shots” possible.

The Wiral LITE can be setup in less than three minutes by simply just attaching the quick reel on one end and tighten it on the other to form a rope line through the designated location. Mount the Wiral LITE and camera device and start filming, according to

Using a digital, wireless remote control, the user can control the camera’s speed and type of camera shot or video. It can go as fast as 28 miles per hour and is able to take pictures, videos, and timelapses with a battery life of three hours.

“Eivind Sæter, our product designer, wanted new angles when filming his wedding and realized there was a gap in the market where there was not any consumer friendly cable cams,” stated Emilie, chief marketing officer and co founder in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

“The system [Wiral] fits in a backpack, sets up in three minutes, and accommodates a number of different lightweight cameras, including our favorite GoPros and smartphones,” according to

The user is also able to use it in areas that have no fly, no drones zones.  In addition, the Wiral LITE produces no distracting background noises like drones make, according to

For videos, the users are able to easily switch between a normal video setting and three different time lapse speed levels.  In addition, users are able to stop the Wiral LITE anytime on the line using the end stop assistant.

“You can basically put them in places where you can’t really get your mates to run past you,” stated Ben Deakin, an elite downhill racer and professional mountain bike coach, on

“Pretty amazing product, you can film in places where drones aren’t allowed,” reported Kenny Belaey, a professional trails cyclist.

On Kickstarter, the Wiral LITE pledged 30,000 as their launching goal, and they were 100% funded in less than four minutes.  Over 30 days, the Wiral LITE raised $1,055,480.

“So crazy the possibilities of this thing and what you can actually do with it like, I mean, the goal of my projects were basically getting shots that no one else could get, any other way.  And with this product, you can get stuff like that,” Tyler Johnson, the content creator of gopro.