Paris to Install Sparkling Water Fountains


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Sparkling water fountains will now be installed in the city of Paris. “…there will be at least one fountain of sparkling water in every one of Paris’ 20 arrondissements,”   according to CityLab in an article about these fountains. As of November 2, 2017, there have been nine sparkling water fountains installed already in the city of Paris.

One of the main goals of installing these fountains is to “…get more people to drink water and reduce the amount of plastic waste created by the amount of bottled water drank by Paris residents each year,” Huffpost stated.

This idea came from the sparkling water fountains in Italy. The fountain pumps in carbon dioxide for the bubbles, while also keeping the water cold, according to

A majority of the fountains are located in city parks, planted in a wooden kiosk. “ One fountain is wedged into the side of the Eau de Paris headquarters with a fuchsia sign and a hand-scrawled graphic,” reported

Sparkling water fountains are still a work in progress, but the workers hope that soon there will be a fountain in every neighborhood, Kristin Hohenadel wrote in an article by

Each of these fountains is connected to the main water line, and the carbon dioxide is added in when the water is around 44 degrees fahrenheit, cntraveler stated.

These fountains have gotten very positive feedback so far from the city, and hopefully that will continue.  A CityLab reporter tried the sparkling water, and described it as “a magical surprise.”