Red Cross


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The Red Cross is a widely known organization around the U.S.A, and are known for their blood drives and their charity events. They help raise money for disaster relief and military families (Veterans, service members, and their families), as well as have international services where they deliver aid and support programs.

After recent disasters, the Red Cross has been raising a lot of money for the people who have lost their homes, and for those who lost lots of their belongings. Every 8 minutes, the Red Cross responds to an emergency, as said by

Also, at, it talks about how the Red Cross, alongside numerous different partners, are helping to provide shelter and support while the wildfires are raging. Also those who come to Red Cross shelters will accept hot meals, comfort, and coming in contact with loved ones as well as get information.

The Red Cross has provided emergency relief for hundreds to thousands of people affected by Hurricane Harvey, and have raised 493.3 million dollars thanks to generous supporters. On November 25, over half of the money has already been spent on emergency relief and recovery efforts for people affected by hurricane Harvey.

Also, The Red Cross’s Blood Donation: Give Life This Holiday program, is accepting donations to those who need it this holiday. Generous blood and platelet donations help insure lifesaving blood products reach those in need including accident victims, heart surgery patients, and those receiving treatment from leukemia, cancer, or sickle cell disease as stated by