Esperanza Hosts “Every 15 Minutes To Prevent Teen Drinking And Driving”

Esperanza Hosts

Photo Courtesy Of EHS

E0speranza High School held the “Every 15 Minutes” Drunk Driving Prevention Program, sponsored by the Orange County Highway Patrol on November 17.

This program was created to challenge and really make students think twice before they get in a car after they have been drinking, according to Meghann Lukach, EHS Activities Director, in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

“It is a great program that has kids thinking about drinking and driving and texting and driving.They saw real life experiences that take place without real life consequences,” added Lukach.

The California Highway Patrol offers grants to schools to pay for the cost of the event. This includes props and actual officers. The students get a real-life prop accident to show severe consequences. “The CHP gives us the layout and details on the program. Anaheim Fire and Police Department are a huge part of this program,” stated Lukach.

Parents of the students are always very pleased that their kids get a chance to experience the consequences first-hand of drinking and driving, according to Lukach.

It is said that about 2,000 drunk teens die a year behind the wheel. Teens are also responsible for 17% of drunk driving crashes according to