Kickstarter- Your Guide to Thriving in 2018


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A recent Kickstarter product, Hello, Goodbye, A Guide to 2018, allows you to “take a step back, to pause for a moment in the rush of life and reflect.” said the project creators. The guide can help you set intentions for what you want this new year to be. The product has successfully reached more than their goal, with 629 backers. They have $15,194, with a $10,000 goal.

In an interview with The Matador Messenger, one of the creators, Selina, who is a career and life coach, said that she designed this to help her say a proper farewell to the year as it came to an end, and to become clear of what she wanted this new year to bring.

“There are a lot of year planners out there but no books that we’ve ever found that are designed to specifically help you transition from one year to the next,” Selina commented.

This project also helps you remember your old memories, but it prepares you to make new ones.

According to the creators, you can write about “What activities, people, places you want to fill your life with this coming year. What dreams you want to bring to life, what you want to learn, what you want to make happen.”

This book can act as a reminder, and even a guide. It helps you recognize what is most important to you, and what you want to succeed in throughout the year.