PYLUSD Sponsors “Women In Industry Conference”

All 12 panelists agree that “passion” was more important than talent in driving their careers


Photo Courtesy of Abigail Larsen

“What’s interesting, and I don’t know all the great leaders that will be on the panel tonight,  but having this short period of time to interact with some of them, you’re going to hear their stories, you’re going to be amazed at their success and I want to share with you what drives them,” stated Sue Enquist, former UCLA Women’s softball coach,  during her keynote speech at the “Women in Industry Conference” school on October 17, at Valencia High School from 6:00 to 8:30.

Enquist, who was introduced by Allie Gardner, a senior from Yorba Linda high school,  was the most winning softball coach among all the active coaches, producing Olympians, and 65 All Americans.

The other presenters for the conference included Michelle Barlow, the Assistant Director of Facilities, Linda Greer, an  Educational Consultant, and Kathy Johnson the president of a property and management company.

The conference was structured with eight “Speed Round Questions”, with all 12 panelists answering the same question with a short response.

One “Speed Round Question” that was asked by one of the students present at the conference was, “Which is more important in your career, passion or talent?” This was the only question in which each panelist answered the same; passion.

Dr. Nancy Watkins explained the purpose of the conference in an interview with the Matador Messenger. “I hope young women find motivation to explore their interests and develop the confidence to try new things,” stated Dr. Watkins. “Take risks and trust yourself and your skills. Explore, try, make mistakes, learn a lesson and try again.  Success comes from pushing yourself and moving through the world with confidence and initiative. Seek mentors and seize opportunities.”

At the conclusion  of the conference, one of the students, Kate Smith, a senior at El Dorado High School, introduced Candy Plahy who made her closing remarks ending the first women in industry conference. Candy Plahy concluded the conference by thanking everyone for attending the conference and also thanking the panelists for telling their stories and inspiring future female leaders.