Coast Guard Rescues Women Who Spent Five Months At Sea


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Five months ago, Jennifer Appeal and Tasha Fuiava and their two dogs set off on a journey in their boat from Hawaii to Tahiti. They both came prepared and brought a year’s worth of food and a water purifier. It was at that moment that everything would go wrong.

In the beginning of the trip, they lost one of their cell phones to the Pacific Ocean, but that was only the beginning. According to, about a month into the trip they experienced engine failure, and their mast had become damaged. The women were stuck in the middle of the ocean and still had the determination to make it to Tahiti, according to

Two months into their trip, they arrived at Tahiti. They tried to make distress calls, but failed. Five months into their trip, they were found by Taiwanese fishing vessel. They quickly made a distress call to the US Navy. The women were found 900 miles southeast of Japan. There ship was declared unsafe and the women and their dogs boarded the USS Ashland.

The woman were asked why they hadn’t activated  the Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB). They simply responded by saying, “they never felt threatened for their lives”.