Amid Allegations Of Sexual Harassment Forces O.C. Congressional Campaign Manager’s Resignation


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The campaign manager for Democratic congressional candidate, Phil Janowicz, has been accepted his resignation over Amid Allegations of Sexual Harassment during his employment with the Democratic party of Orange County, said Janowicz Saturday on October 21. On Friday, Janowicz announced his resignation of a senior staffer with a post on his campaign’s Facebook page according to The OCR.

Janowicz confirmed on Saturday that the staffer was Erik Taylor, who had been Janowicz’s campaign manager. Janowicz stated, “Yesterday afternoon, I accepted the resignation of a senior member of my campaign staff,” the post read. “There have been allegations that have arisen during his time at a previous employer. He vehemently denies these allegations, and I await the results of the formal investigation,” reported The OCR.

Erik Taylor had only worked for Janowicz for five months, running to unseat GOP Representative Ed Royce in the 39th district. Janowicz stated, “Sexual harassment and sexual assault have absolutely no place in society and absolutely no place on a political campaign,” accoring to KTLA 5.

In a statement, the Democratic Party of Orange County promised a raft of changes in its operation and says to take the accusations seriously, including for members and volunteers. A code of conduct that applies to all members, staff, and volunteers of the party to investigate accusations as they arise and taking “immediate action” ,  according to the LA Times.