SeaWorld Removes Hundreds Of Employees From Their Staff


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Many people find SeaWorld as a happy place, in which families can spend time together and learn about the aquatic creatures that live in the ocean, but others find it as an area full of controversies such as the attacks against their poor treatment towards their whales. Compared to Sea World when it was built in 1959, things are not the same. However, we also recognize SeaWorld for their breathtaking shows in which they train their dolphins to do amazing things. However, SeaWorld has announced that they will be laying off 350 employees in order to sharply cut costs.

Many people recognize this as an act that would improve efficiency within the company. They believe that this would reduce administrative costs and move towards growth initiatives to boost attendance, according to the OC Register. It would help them save money. The layoff will mainly hit administrative positions at the corporate headquarters in Orlando and the SeaWorld parks in San Diego and Orlando added the OC Register.

“We do not take this task lightly,” the company said in a statement. “It is an unfortunate, but necessary consequence of the restructuring that some positions will be lost. For those employees, we are offering severance benefits and outplacement assistance to help with their transition,” they added.

During their third-quarter earnings report, SeaWorld stated that laying off all of these employees would greatly cut costs, but they didn’t mention anything about eliminating 350 employees off of their team, according to

“It’s not surprising that SeaWorld is having to cut more jobs as it works on what will be a long-term plan to revive the company,” stated amusement park consultant Dennis Speigel. “In the theme of park industry, labor can account for as much as half of the operating costs,” he added.

This isn’t the only problem on SeaWorld’s hands, they also have to deal with a famous documentary, Blackfish, that caused major conflicts towards the company. Blackfish is a story of Tilikum, a killer whale that took the lives of several people, that causes problems with the sea-park. This has caused many problems for Sea World such as protests, riots, etc.