Medina Lakey Receives Award For Rescuing Mother


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Melina Lakey, a 9 year old girl scout from Pendleton, Indiana, was honored with the “Medal of Honor” by Girl Scouts of USA for saving her mother in an overturned car last April, in Central Indiana on Tuesday, September, 17.

While driving home from the movie theaters, the Lakey vehicle clipped a drainage ditch and flipped over, turned 6 times, and rolled onto the roof of the car. According to ABC News, “Melina and her dad escaped the accidents with no injuries. Mccollum-Lakey suffered a shoulder injury and some bruising but credits to her daughter for saving her life.”

The Lakey family was trapped in the overturned SUV in Alexandria, Indiana.  When Melina saw her her mother, Ashley McCollum-Lakey, trapped in the passenger seat, Melina had to help and Melina instantly took control and dialed 911 on her parent’s cellphone.

McCollum-Lakey reported to ABC News, “She lifted up five impact airbags to get me out, through glass and debris.”

Melina has received a congratulatory letter from Sylvia Acevedo, the USA Girl Scouts of stating, “Your extraordinary courage, incredible confidence, and your willingness to take decisive action in the midst of an emergency has not only saved a life, but also serves as a shining example for Girl Scouts everywhere of fortitude and dedication… Your heroism and sound judgment have earned you a place in the pantheon of heroes who have come before you, and left an incredible mark on Girl Scouts.”

“It felt really good,” Melina, a fourth grader who has been a Girl Scout for the past five years, told ABC News. “It felt like everybody cared.”