Experts Say California Could Be Hit By An 8.2 Mega-Earthquake


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Experts from the US Geological Survey say that California could be hit by a mega 8.2 earthquake in the in the next 30 years, according to

It is estimated that damage would be catastrophic. Seismologist Lucy Jones predicts that an earthquake caused by the San Andreas fault beginning at the Salton Sea could be as strong as an 8.2 if it got all the way to Paso Robles, according to

“It would cause catastrophic damage to all building and theme parks,” according to An expert named Jones said “the San Andreas fault would cause damage in every city in Southern California”.

Experts were able to tell that California could be hit by an 8.2 mega earthquake by using a Seismic stations which are used by a data logger that detects if the ground is shaking or not, according to

They predicted earthquake would start at the Salton Sea and will go all the way to the San Andreas fault. Some scientists are also scared of a tsunami occurring since the earthquake will be near the ocean according to

Earthquakes are measured using a seismometer according to The seismometer measures earthquakes by being placed on the ground and it plots the vibrations on a seismograph. The seismograph has numbers and a pen when an earthquake occurs. That pen starts moving up and down and the higher it goes the bigger the earthquake is. It is rated by 1 – 10.

The biggest earthquake that happened in California was a 7.9  earthquake in San Francisco on April 18, 1906. It killed about 3,000 people and it collapsed buildings, homes, bridges, and started a fire according to

According to,you should be prepared for an earthquake. You need to have water and a good food supply, a flashlight and some extra batteries just incase your flashlight runs out. You should also have a phone to call 911 or any emergency service.