Officials Are Working Hard To Not Let The Santa Ana River Bed Become Orange County’s “Skid Row”


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Along the Santa Ana River Trail, homeless encampments are becoming a more common sight. Citizens nearby the river are worried that the trail will grow similar to the Los Angeles “Skid Row.” In fact, the river is getting it’s own nickname as “Skid River.”

Officials have set up shelters all around Orange including Fullerton and Anaheim, and many more are still being made. Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson told the OC Register that he has proposed opening temporary homeless shelters on county-owned land in Irvine, Huntington Beach, and Santa Ana.

According to Mike Lyster, who is the Communications Officer of Anaheim, the homeless are going to the Santa Ana Riverbed for a variety of reasons. “Anaheim has rules that you can’t stay in city parks or public streets,” Lyster stated in an interview Matador Messenger. “The Santa Ana River, however, isn’t an illegal place to stay if you’re homeless. Also, the riverbed doesn’t get a lot of attention.”

So far, about 422 people are living in the homeless encampments along the river. The Santa Ana City Council announced that they want to use 100 acres of the land they own in Irvine to help the hundreds of homeless. Every day, more and more volunteers are helping out to not let the Santa And River become Orange County’s “Skid Row.”