Esperanza’s ROTC Offers Training and College Scholarship Opportunities


Esperanza High School students can choose to take part in a Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), which is an academic course connected with a co-curricular component, similar to band or musical theater, to get an idea of military service starting in September of 2017 according to

“Military academies and ROTC scholarships offer an excellent means for academically talented students to receive an education at no cost,” stated

ROTC can be a huge part in getting a scholarship to many major colleges, according to

A full scholarship can cost up to $250,000. But, if a school gives an applicant  a full scholarship, he or she could attend that school of higher learning for free. Good grades are also an essential component of scholarships.

“After serving in the Air Force for 28 years, having the opportunity to build the AFJROTC program at Esperanza has proved to be a perfect new career,” said retired Col. Robert J. Weisenberger, senior aerospace science instructor. “That’s because I have the best students in the school. They work hard and do amazing things. They make me proud every day,” according to