Immortal Regiment March in Moscow Comemorates Victory Day


In Moscow, President Vladimir Putin was involved in the march marking the 72nd anniversary of the victory of Nazi Germany during WWII. The march started on Red Square when President Vladimir Putin joined. His third time participating in this event, according to

On the 9th of May, people with portraits and photos of their family members who were affected by WWII are appearing all over the world in the remembrance of V-Day. This day allowed people to honor their family members who have involved in the bloody conflict of WWII decades ago, according to

The “Immortal Regiment” is a patriotic scheme that commemorates WWII soldiers in marches carried from across Russia and other countries. In Moscow, soviet-era wartime songs can be heard on the streets where participants are marching, according to

On Red Square, President Vladimir Putin addressed the remembrance of V-Day. He stated that the Soviet Union deserved most of the credit for the Nazi defeat in 1945 and that the insecurity in the world required Russia to strengthen its military, according to

President Putin also stated during his addressing, “We will never forget that it was precisely our fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers who prevailed to bring freedom to Europe and long-awaited peace on the planet,” he said, making little or none at all mention of the contributions of the United States, United Kingdom, Britain, and other Western Allies who helped end WWII against Germany and the Axis powers, according to