Fireflies are Rapidly Disappearing

Habitat Loss, Toxic Chemicals, Human Inference, and Light Pollution May be to Blame.


 Fireflies are rapidly disappearing and experts have pinpointed the disappearances to four potential reasons: habitat loss, toxic chemicals from factories, or from other human inference, and finally light pollution which happens when light spreads in every direction, according to

“It’s like a mystery insect”, according to Anchana Tancharoen, an environmental scientist, according to

“The firefly populations have dropped 70 percent, in the past three years,” said Preecha Jiabyu, a former teacher, stated

Fireflies are mostly located in Central and South America; and in tropical Asia, according to

Fireflies also can communicate with each other with morse code. Environmental scientist Anchana Tancharoen determined the more flashes of fireflies make indicating love and danger, explained

“As the human population continues to grow, more and more wild habitat will be developed for our use. As long as we keep interrupting forest land with houses, turning meadows into lawns and paving over wetlands, the fewer fireflies there will be unless we start living in some radically different ways,” wrote Starre Vartan an environmental journalist,

The other problem is light population female and male fireflies use their lights to communicate with each other to find a mate. If they can’t find each other, then they will not be able to create other fireflies, according to

Entrepreneurs in China are building special parks to preserve fireflies. “One of the first of these parks, in the city of Wuhan in Hubei province, is home to more than 10,000 fireflies,” stated Eric Chaney,

Some interesting facts about fireflies include that the larvae are carnivores while adult fireflies just feed on nectar and pollen. Fireflies also can change their light to yellow, green, or orange according to