Dana Point Gets Closer to Making the Town “Smoke-Free”

Dana Point Gets Closer to Making the Town “Smoke-Free”

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The city of Dana Point is one step closer to becoming a ‘smoke free’ city.

“I have several reasons for the prohibition. First and foremost, health of our residents who have the right to clean air. Other reasons are litter, odor and protection of children, so kids are not repeatedly exposed to adult smokers who are then seen as potential role models for behaviors,” reported Debra Lewis, Mayor of Dana Point, in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

It’s not just Dana Point that has gone ‘smoke free’.Manhattan Beach and Laguna Beach have also gone ‘smoke free’.

I brought this idea to the City Council on May 2, 2017. Dana Point already prohibits smoking in parks and I would like to expand the prohibition to all public places in Dana Point. Before bringing it to the Council, I researched similar ordinances in other cities.”

“I corresponded with Manhattan Beach council members. MB prohibits smoking in public places. I was told the ordinance works well and council members were happy with it. I have spoken with Laguna Beach’s mayor about their ordinance. Laguna Beach just passed their no smoking in public places ordinance on May 9th and became the first Orange County city to do so,” continued Lewis.

Change is hard. What exists is known and therefore comfortable. Change generally meets initial resistance but not necessarily by the majority.  Regulating smoking in public places is no different. The idea that smokers’ “rights” are being taken away has to be overcome as a false premise. Smokers will still be free to smoke,” added Lewis.