Noise Pollution May Be Causing Whales to Beach


If a neighbor is blasting music or sound to interrupt your sleep and conversations, you have the right to call the police. If a whale is being bothered by noise, where does it go for help?

Scientists say that noise pollution from seismic oil exploration and other noise polluting causes could be the cause of whales beaching themselves, according to

There have been 136 recorded strandings of beaked whales between the years 1874 and 2004. All but 10 happened after the advent of high-powered military sonar in 1950. Some investigations have inquired strandings linked to sonar, stated

Noise pollution or noise disturbance is the disturbing or excessive noise that may harm the activity or balance of human or animal life, according to WDC. Whales are being greatly affected by noise pollution and may be porting shore because of it.

 Whales feed, communicate, and travel around the world using sound. If there are high levels of unnatural noise, as well as other pollution causes, the whales will suffer, reported WDC.

 Whales are uniquely disposed to collisions against ships. By their own nature, whales swim towards noises such caused by boats, which is often resulted in a gruesome accident, according to

 Whales use low-frequency calls to communicate with other whales thousands of miles away. Noise pollution prevents whales from communicating with each other and from locating prey. How would you like it if you weren’t able to communicate with your family? Even worse, how would you like it if you lost google maps and couldn’t find the nearest Starbucks or In-N-Out, stated IPM.

Whales use sound as one of their primary tools for survival. If you take that away, they won’t be able to survive. That’s like taking away a mouth and ears from a human. Could you survive without a mouth or ears? That’s basically what whales are living like today. So the next time you start playing loud music at the beach, just remember you may be the cause for that lifeless whale on the beach.