Kickstarter of the Week – Fidgi Pen


The fidget gadgets, mostly spinners and cubes have been popping up in classrooms all over Bernardo Yorba. The Fidgi Pen comes with something more that just fidgeting. It also comes with a pen.

Fidgi Pen has created a pen with seventh unique fidget toys on it. On their Kickstarter website, they have raised over $53,000 and their campaign ends on April 14th.

On the pen, there is a switch, rolling ball, a clicker, spin disk, smooth dip, textured grip, and a flip click.

Currently, the pen comes in four different colors. They are stealth, snow, slate, and rose gold. The price for one is $30.

In an exclusive interview with The Matador Messenger, we asked the creator of Fidgi Pen what his inspiration was and he said, “I saw other fidget toys really killing it out there but the problem was that they were too large and distracting. I could not see myself using a large bulky fidget toy in a board meeting or in school. Putting all the fidgeting features embedded inside of a pen just made sense to me.”