Profusion of Poppies Brings Bumper to Bumper Traffic

Profusion of Poppies Brings Bumper to Bumper Traffic

California’s late winter rains have brought not only a profusion of poppies to Lake Elsinore but also bumper to bumper traffic on Interstate 15, as tourists flood the area to view the hillsides filled with the wild flowers, according to

The California Highway Patrol reported that cars had Walker Canyon Road, which branches off Lake Street and parallels the 15.

Most of the flowers have grown in the San Bernardino Mountains and can be seen miles away, according to

 The people who have driven by the flowers stated that the last time they had seen the poppies was about 20 years ago when the hills only had small patches of the poppies, according to

The last time that there has been so much traffic on the 15 freeway was when there was snow, people stopped to play in the snow. But ever since then there has never been hours of traffic just to get back to your home.