Tornados Barrel Through Midwest

To date 29 tornados have been reported in the states of Kansas, Illinois, and Missouri. No fatalities have been reported but 12 people have been injured, but no fatalities have been reported, according to

Other than the tornados, homes have been pelted with tennis-ball sized hail, extreme winds, and downpouring rain. “100 to 200 people have been displaced from their homes, but that figure may increase,” stated Chief Carl Scarborough of the Sni Valley Fire Protection District in Oak Grove, Missouri, as reported by Google News.

The majority of Oak Grove, located roughly 30 miles east of Kansas city, is without power, as a result of flying debris and wind knocking over power lines. In Smithville, Missouri, located about 22 miles north of Kansas City, police Chief Jason Lockridge told The Associated Press that “20 to 25 homes were damaged”. Planes and hangars at the Johnson County Executive Airport in Olathe, Kansas, were also damaged, according to