Fantom Wallet: Kickstarter of the Week

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Welcome the Fantom, a new innovative wallet that can hold all your purchasing needs, while still being slim and light according to

The Fantom is a minimalist wallet that will be available in either aluminum or carbon fiber. It has been designed to hold standard sized plastic credit cards and will come in three versions that can hold up to 7, 10, or 13 cards each depending on if the cards are embossed or smooth, stated

Fantom can include an optional money clip and optional coin compartment hidden under the lever, though the latter does add an additional 4 mm of thickness. It can also come in two different materials,  carbon fiber and aluminum, which makes all sizes .4oz heavier reported

Dimensions of the smaller 7 size wallet are 117mm long, 70mm wide, and 7.7mm thick. It is 1 oz if made with carbon fiber. It can hold 4-7 credit cards. The medium 10 size wallet is 2.2 mm thicker, 0.1 oz heavier, and can hold 6-10 cards. The large 13 size, compared to the size 7, is 5mm thicker, 0.2 oz heavier, and can hold 8-13. If you want the wallet to be aluminum, it will make it 0.4 oz heavier to add a coin dispenser, it will add 4mm thickness and 0.4 oz to any size, stated

Recently, the Fantom has reached its goal of $4,472 within its first two hours, and as of March 8th, has reached over 1800% of its goal, with 25 days to go, according to