Kickstarter of the Week: “Jack” by Podo Labs Turns any Headphones Wireless


With the new “Jack by Podo”, you can turn any headphones wireless with a small clip.

“It’s something we wanted for ourselves. We love music, we hate messing with wires dangling from our phones, and we’re good at Bluetooth products after making two generations of our Podo camera,” reported Eddie Lee, the president of Podo Labs, in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

Jack is easy to use. First, plug in your headphones to Jack. Jack uses Bluetooth, so you can pair it up with any device. Lastly, play your music.

If you pair up two Jacks together, you and a friend can listen to the same music without sharing earbuds. With a 12-hour battery life, you can use it all day.

Jack can also connect to your car and Jack can also hook up to any gaming system so, at night, you can keep the noise down.

In creating Jack, Lee collaborated with a number of other individuals. “We built a large network in our 3 years of business. SF has a great hardware community and of course, our former backers do a great job of spreading the enthusiasm.”

For a pledge of $25, you can get one Jack. If you pledge $49, you can get a “buddy pack”, which is a pack of two. A Family Pack is $5. The Family Pack comes with four Jacks.

“Our team is pouring savings and years of our lives into something we found missing and want in our lives. You get to jump in after-the-fact for 25 bucks,” reported Lee.
When you get any pack, you have three different colors to choose from, white/gold, black/gunmetal, and navy blue/gold. Get them at