Kickstarter of the Week: $6 Fidget Spinner


“The first inspiration was to make one for me. I am a fidgeter and I thought it would help, and it did!” stated Sean Hodgins, the creator of the $6 fidget spinner, a Kickstarter product, in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

Instead of paying $10 to $100 for other fidget spinners, this product will be available  for $5.99

“The need of the fidget spinner is to bridge a cost gap. There are so many people out there who wanted one but couldn’t afford one, I plan on getting these on store shelves for $5.99 US, which is about 1/3 of the current lowest price out there. It should allow greater access for those in need. This is just the beginning!” stated Hodgins about the price and value of the product.

The fidget tool spins on a finger while an individual doing work or just sitting around. The Fidget Spinner is a 3D printed design that can come in multiple colors like red, blue, green, black, and orange.

This fidget spinner has passed its goal of $4,226 by $23,935 already. The Kickstarter will end Thursday, February  23rd, 2017

Hodgins has advice for teens who are interested in turning an idea a reality, “If you have an idea? Just go for it and try and make it, Learn what you need to learn; don’t let a lack of knowledge in the subject stop you from creating.”

“So many projects of mine start out with an idea that I have no idea whether it will be possible or not. I taught myself electronics and circuit design because I had a cool idea for an Energy harvesting Ring!.” added Hodgins.

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