California Rain May End Drought But Also Brings Floods and Mudslides


Be careful what you wish for! Although the drought in Southern California is becoming less of the problem. The rain has caused mudslides and floods in Southern California.

Storms are packing heavy rain and heavy mountain snow will take a break beginning during the middle of this week, while further drought relief looks promising for California, according to accuweather.

The storms raised considerable problems for the state including flooding, debris flows, snowy mountain roads and heavy seas, according to accuweather. Between two and four inches of rain fell on coastal Southern California during Sunday alone, which had first responders busy setting up roadblocks, performing swift water rescues, clearing debris and repairing power lines

Evacuations occurred in parts of Los Angeles, Orange and Santa Barbara counties for fears of mudslides and flash flooding in recent wildfire burn areas, according to ABC News.

Several people had to be rescued during flash flooding at El Capitan Canyon campground in California late last week. Cars had to be towed out of the heavy flowing water. January 2017, Orange County had 5.98 inches of rain and temperatures were 48-62 degrees.