People People Create New Upcycled Small Transparent Speaker


In the United States, 9.4 million tons of electronics are thrown away each year and 12.5 percent are recycled according to  People People have created a sustainable speaker which can be upcycled. This speaker can be found on Kickstarter.

“This is the first speaker in the world that enables the parts to be replaced / the whole speaker to be upcycled – it is the most sustainable speaker we can produce, even more so than our first Transparent Speaker which was successfully funded via Kickstarter,” stated Brandon, the community manager for People People, which is introducing a Small Transparent Speaker on Kickstarter.

The original Transparent Speaker, made by People Products was made four years ago and launched through Kickstarter. “Compared to the large transparent speaker the small one is more affordable and despite it’s smaller size, it still has a big sound that fills even large rooms,” stated

The speaker has a Scandinavian design that makes it look good in any environment. “Hardened glass sides makes it blend in by showing what’s behind the speaker,” according to

“On the front, you have a volume adjustment knob, a classic rocker switch for power on and off, a LED to show you if the speaker is on and a 3.5 jack if you prefer to use the included cable for your audio source,” according to

“The two-custom made 2.5-inch full range drivers deliver crisp lifelike vocals, while the passive bass radiator gives a punch to any beat. It has a built-in amplifier which has embedded digital signal processing (DSP) to ensure a full and balanced crystal clear sound,” added

The speaker also includes WiFi and Bluetooth. To maximize connectivity options, Apple Airplay and Google Cast are available. “With wireless connectivity, we can update your product software so that the product improves over time,” later added People People are planning to launch Spotify Connect and make it as friction-free as possible.

“In a world where products are designed to have a limited lifetime and the waste produced by our consumption of products fills up landfills and the ocean at a very worrying rate we felt the need to do something, and sustainable design is our way of minimising the effect on the world and the climate,” stated Brandon during an interview with the Matador Messenger. The speaker is made with materials that can be recycled.

The Small Transparent Speaker has sensors to detect if parts need to be repaired, replaced,  or updated. Customers can then ship their speaker to a manufacturing location. “This returns shipments that are already accounted for in our business model, and we will be able to refurbish, reuse or remold most parts of the products at our own factories,” according to

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