Rocketbook Introduces Everlasting Notebook

Rocketbook Introduces Everlasting Notebook


Are you tired of buying paper notebook after paper notebook?. You can now buy an Everlasting notebook.

The Everlast’s pages feel just like paper, except they are not made of paper. Each page is made from a polyester material that can be erased.  

How do you use it? First, you need to get it, by pledging $34, you can get one Everlast Notebook and one of the pens you use it with.

Next, you write. You write just as you would a regular notebook. Scan. Scan your finished page using your phone. It will put your scanned image into your cloud.

Finally, erase. To erase your finished product, simply wipe off with a wet towel.   

In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Rocketbook stated, “ We’ll use the funds to fund the first big run of the Everlast notebook, and also in invest more and more into the Rocketbook apps for Android and iOS to fulfill the promise of being the best system for getting your notes out of your head, capturing them digitally, and organizing them with as little friction as is possible.”  

Any questions? Make sure to contact Rocketbook on Kickstarter for more information.