Surprise Your Teen with Top Tech Gifts

Gift for Mom…Check. Gift for Dad…Check. Gift for Sister…Check. Gift for teen brother…? Tired of giving gift cards to your teen brothers and friends each holiday season? We at the Matador Messenger have researched some of the best sources for unique and chic and reasonably priced gifts to help you stuff your stockings this year from $10 to $50.

With headphones costing an upward $200, you may feel priced out of the market in purchasing this type of gift  for your teen. The Sentey LS-4232 Headphones, however, offers “inline microphone control to make calls in, optimum noise isolation and versatility,” according to The main color is in their famous Phaint Red. You can purchase these headphones for $10.95 on Amazon Prime.

   Manual to Manhood: 7 Other Skills You Need to Survive by Jonathan Catherman is described by the website,, like a “roadmap for every teenage boy who needs to prepare himself to survive.” Skills covered in this text include changing a tire, cooking a perfect steak, automotive repairs, and other skills. The manuals available are $9.99 on Kindle, and $10.60 as a paperback on Amazon Prime.

Ever found yourself spending time helping your teen friend find their phone? With the Slim Tracker by Tile(™), your teen’s phone is just two clicks away. “The Slim Tracker finds the phone via Bluetooth, and makes the phone ring and vibrate, even on silent,” according to  This white tile, the thickness of 2 credit cards, is available with a hole punch for a keychain or without for your wallet. It can be purchased on Amazon Prime for $24.92.

Accessories for phones are in demand this holiday season. The TECHO Universal Professional HD Camera Lens is definitely an attachment worth considering. “This tiny 2 in 1 clip-on, detachable HD Lens. With it, pictures can be taken of a tiny object clearly in the details. It can also zoom in on wide pictures to a focus point,” according to This lens is compatible with the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, and iPhone 7. It can be purchased on Amazon Prime for $24.99.

If your teen enjoys watching TV from major services, then the Roku Express is for him. “The all-new, ultra-compact Roku Express is the perfect gift for those who have not experienced the joy of owning a smart TV. It support all major streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.),”  according to You can get this for your teen for $29.00 on Amazon Prime.

The Stratus Wireless Controller is an Apple-made product that, when playing games or just navigating menus, allows you to use a comfy controller, as opposed to touching the screen. “Nothing much is different about this wireless controller for tablets. It is very related to its close relative the Nimbus. The difference is that the iOS has never had a wireless controller…,” according to But now, it does. Your teen can use these wireless controllers on their iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. They can be purchased on Amazon Prime for $33.99.

Perhaps you or your teen are interested in a bird’s eye view of the world, but there’s a tight budget for you. The Hubsan H108 2.4G 4CH RC Quadcopter is a perfect gift for getting a different view of the world. The quadcopter (also known as “drone”) is an all-new product. “The Hubsan H108 4-Channel RC Quadcopter is a latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity. It is very easy to fly – novice to expert. It charges from a USB, and comes ready out of the box,” reported These masters of the sky come in orange, yellow, and green. You can purchase them for your teen for $39.99 on Amazon Prime.

Maybe your teen wants something “worth” carrying around with them. This Harvey Wallet  is made out of….seat belts. It was in 1985 when Dana and Melanie Harvey came up with the idea to create a chic wallet from an unexpected material. “This wallet lasted me 7 good years before I decided to give it goodbye. It was surprisingly tough…,” a customer reported. This wallet is available in indigo, black, and gray. It can be purchased on Amazon Prime for $48.00.

The SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller, the older relative to the Stratus, is made for comfortable playing on most Apple devices. It is functional on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. “Comfortable, competitively priced and featuring a Lighting port for recharging, the SteelSeries Nimbus is the best iOS-compatible gaming controller we’ve ever tasted…,” according to  These controllers for your teens have a battery life of 40 hours. They can be purchased for $49.95 on Amazon Prime.

The Polan (™) Fast Inflatable Air Lounger is at the top of our list. “It’s great for…anywhere. It’s worth the price…,” reported one customer. The Polan Fast Inflatable Air Lounger is a portable lounge chair. All that needs to be done to rest on it is inflate. “The Lounger can be effortlessly inflated within 10 minutes on a windy day. There is NO Air pump needed, just swing the lightweight air bed and run a few steps against the wind for full inflation. The durable fabric and ripstop nylon material is light, as well as waterproof from the rain and the elements.” according to These chairs come in a wide variety of colors. You can purchase one for your teen for $49.99 on Amazon Prime.

So, now you can add another check to your holiday list. Be prepared for some “ooh’s” and “aah’s” as your teen opens his gifts and utters many thank-yous for your obvious good taste. Say you still have to get a gift for your 98-year old great aunt Ethel? Sorry, we’ll have to save those great gift ideas for another article.