Ohhio Braid -Kickstarter of the Week


“I wanted to use something durable, but still soft and light and of course something that has the same look,” stated the Ohhio team. Currently live on Kickstarter, they have earned over $108,000, and their campaign ends on Thursday December 22nd.

The Ohhio Braid is a blanket made of large skein merino wool and comes in four different sizes. The extra large is $879, Large is $698, Medium is $489, the small is $295, and to make it your self is $59, according to Ohhio.me.

In an exclusive interview with the Matador Messenger, we asked the Ohhio Braid team why their product meets a need that other currently on the market do not, and they responded with, “there’s a lot of tasteful decor out there, but nothing quite like Braid. It’s machine-washable and durable, which allows us to make chunky pet beds and blankets that will last for a very long time in their pristine condition.”

“When I couldn’t find a material that fit this criteria, I decided to create something entirely new,” the Ohhio team stated.