PYLUSD Venture Academy Assists Adults in Transition

PYLUSD Venture Academy Assists Adults in Transition

PYLUSD Venture Academy, a public school by choice ,has recently opened to address the needs of adults with Individualized Education Plans (IEP), 18 years of age to 22 years, according to the principal Kim Smith.

Smith stated, “The duties that the adults include are, stocking, cleaning, customer support, and organization.”  The men work at hardware stores, the team cleans, restocks shelves, and sets up displays like pumpkins and showings on the buying equipment, according to .

Many of the Venture Academy students are learning to work with laundry, basic food preparation, and cooking simple meals. The class sizes vary from 9-10 people per class explained Smith in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

“This school is different because we teach with daily living skills,including cooking, and health care for future life,” added Smith.

This is not a new program but it is new in Placentia Yorba Linda. Kim Smith stated that, “I am so thrilled to be the principal of Venture Academy.” Students attend classes Monday through Thursday with Fridays assigned as a home school day for Venture Academy.

Smith stated, “I am very excited to get adults ready for the work space.”