Kickstarter of the Week: DT WORKSHOP Creates DIY 3D Papercraft Sculpture


Courtesy of: DT WORKSHOP

Love making crafts out of paper, but tired of looking for something challenging and original to create? Paper craft kits may be just the solution you are looking for. Popular on Kick starter with over $30,000 earned and only a few days to go on their campaign.

In an interview with Matador Messenger we asked DT WORKSHOP what inspired them to create Paper craft Kits and they said, “ People were asking us to produce kits that they could make themselves. We didn’t wanted to create regular paper craft kits, we wanted to add something to make them unique and even more intuitive to build.” Stated David Troung “This is how we came out with the idea of double sided tape on flaps.”

The paper used for the kits are colorful and high quality, super solid and water drop resistant paper.

Paper craft kits come in four different styles to choose from. Including  Argentic Silver rabbit, Imperial Gold Rabbit, Chengdu Panda, and Graceful Chameleon.

“We wanted to ease the job to only keep the coolest aspect, assembling the sculpture. No tools are needed, your are ready to build your sculpture on the go, you can even do it with your kids without worrying about messing with glue or scissors. We really wanted to make it accessible to all.” Stated David Troung, one of the two creators from DT WORKSHOP.