Are the Back To the Future Shoes Finally Coming Out?

Have you ever wanted the shoes that auto laced and was on television? The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 shoes may be coming out this year. They have LED lights on the bottom part of the shoe and has a auto-lacing function just like the ones in the movie, according to

The glow will have a blue light when it is fully charged but when it turns yellow, you will have a few more days to wear it. When it gets to red, you should charging it. Three hours of charging will get you about 2 weeks of wearing the shoe. The lights also let you know when the shoes are tightening, stated

The buttons on the side make the shoe auto-lace and adjusts to your foot size. There is also a foot sensor inside the shoe. When you put your foot inside, the fit system will sense certain tense in your foot, reported

“As the key technology within the shoe adaptive lacing drives the look and feel, the design amplifies the adaptive fit benefit and delivers a futuristic feel on a classic silhouette,” stated Mae from Nike during an interview.

The shoe may be going on sale on November 28th, also known as Cyber Monday, but according to Mae from Nike, is not yet been confirmed. The shoe’s price is also unknown but will be available for purchase on November 28,2016, stated,

Nike originally released a limited edition Nike Mag shoe with the same concept but more like the shoes in the movie in 2011. Now without a high top and more lighter fit, the HyperAdapt 1.0 will be the new Nike Mag stated,