Yorba Linda Public Library to Rebuild

Yorba Linda Public Library to Rebuild

A new location of the Yorba Linda Library,near the strawberry fields on Lakeview Avenue, has been approved according to Amy Paino, a  children’s librarian at the Yorba Linda Library in  an interview with the Matador Messenger.

Because  the process for building the new library is in the beginning stage, the old library will demolished after the new library is built, according to Paino, and this will take about three years of building the new facility and within four years the job should be completed from start to finish, according to newylpl.com.

After being opened for over 100 years the Yorba Linda Public Library welcomed the idea of expanding their place of business for many reasons. For example, the building itself has been becoming very old, parking lots being very small, and the structure becoming outdated on the inside and out. This has caused them to plan a new building and move to a bigger area, explained newylpl.com.

With over 1,100 visitors per day, the Yorba Linda Library is heavily used. “A new updated library facility will meet the growing needs and demands of the community and enhance the services the library staff is able to offer,” stated  Paino in an interview with The Matador Messenger about the approved plans for a new Yorba Linda Library.

“As the children’s and tween librarian this means space to allow more participants in story time, special collections of books and other materials for 4th-8th grade students and more for other age groups as well,”  added newylpl.com.

When the public library was first built on May 2, 1913, it soon after  had a total of 67 new books, 12 library cards, 31 total circulation, $0.27 fee collected. The library used to be located on Yorba Linda School Street until 1916, reported by yorbalindahistory.org.  Their current location being on Lemon Drive and Main Street.

They are excited for the new face lift and for the larger library. A spokesperson  from the library’s  information center stated in a phone interview with the Matador Messenger, “ We are very excited that after many years we will have a new opening library to support us, and shortly after three to four years it will be built.”