Taiwan Hit By Destructive Typhoons

Super typhoon Meranti was one of the strongest typhoons recorded. It was recorded going at 190 mph, and causing around 18,000 people to be homeless on September 14, 2016, according to usatoday.com.

The super typhoon Meranti caused a large amount of destruction in Taiwan, by killing around 8 people, and destroying thousands of homes. It traveled to China and caused massive havoc at Xiamen, stated CNN.com.

Malaka, the second typhoon that hit Taiwan, traveled at 125 mph and headed north of Taiwan, which where the capital of Taiwan is located. After its going to Taiwan it traveled to Japan, but not as fast as typhoon Malaka on September 20, 2016, explained theweatherchannel.com.

From Malaka, destructive force came to 6 people. Those 6 people died in the typhoon and hundreds were injured. More than 2,700 were evacuated. The eye of the storm was 130 km offshore from Taipei. The gusts were going at 100 mph on September 18, 2016, according to aljazeera.com.

Taiwan got attacked by another typhoon called typhoon Megi, and it’s been more powerful than typhoon Malaka, by going 65 mph faster than typhoon Malaka and killing up to four people , reported theweatherchannel.com.