Cheap but Chic: Creative DIY Group Costume Ideas



DIY Halloween Costumes-

Are you are looking for a last minute single or group costumes? Don’t worry, the Matador Messenger has got you covered! Here are some simple but created costumes.


Emoji Group Costume:

  • To make the emoji group costume, cut out a circle your cardboard. You can do this easily by taping a piece of string to the center of your cardboard and attach a pencil to the end of the string to draw a circle which you can then cut out.

  • Spray paint your circle yellow (you can use yellow paint too). Give it several coats of even spray paint, allowing to dry between coats.

  • Look up your favorite emojis and hand draw features with a pencil on your cardboard faces. Paint in the details using various sized paint brushes. Smaller ones for details and larger ones for bigger features. Once the paint has dried, you can spray a protective clear finish to make sure the paint doesn’t flake off.

  • Punch two holes and thread a piece of string through. Then, You’re finished!


S’mores Costume for four People-

Image result for smores family costume

  • To make the graham crackers, take 4 squares of cardboard (old moving boxes would work too) and draw a dashed line down the center and dots on the sides to make them look like graham crackers.  Then hole punch two holes on the top of each square and tie two of them together with ribbon.  And done!

  • The marshmallow is easier.  Take two white pillows and tie a small white rope around the two sides of the pillows so it fits on your  shoulders. Then just simply cut the string when you’re done to reuse the pillows.

The Hershey Bar needs, brown fleece.Start by grabbing one of your outfits to get the size right. Fold the fleece in half and then used the outfit to know where to put the straps and arm holes. Fleece is pretty flexible so it doesn’t need to be perfect.  Then sew around the edges and then at the top of the arm


M&M group Costume: The more friends the better!

Gather a group of friends — the more the merrier — and have everyone choose their favorite candy color. Purchase white gloves, solid-colored tutus and suspenders and striped knee-high socks (available at party stores). Either buy or reuse solid-colored T-shirts to match the color of your M&Ms and white shorts to wear under your tutus. Cut out this free printable letter “m,” trace on white felt (available at craft stores) and adhere to your T-shirt with hot glue.

  • Pick out their favorite candy color.

  • Buy solid color shirts for your color of your m&m

  • Solid colored tutus

  • Any colored suspenders

  • Striped knee-high socks (available at party stores).

  • Purchase white gloves.

  • Buy solid white shorts to go under the tutu

  • Print out the letter “m,” from your computer.

  • Trace on white felt (available at craft stores) and add to your T-shirt with hot glue.

Then you should have a chocolate m&m costume that you made all by yourself!