PYLUSD School Board President Judith Carmona: “Every Decision We Make Helps Each and Every Student Achieve to their Highest Potential.”


       “Other than my family and friends, nothing is more important to me than the students of the district,” stated Judith Carmona, PYLUSD school board president.  In an interview with the Matador Messenger, she told of many goals and achievements that the school board is planning for the 2016-2017 school year.

“The most exciting achievement for us was being notified that we, PYLUSD, have been selected for the recipient of the 2017 Distinguished Education Excellence Award,” stated Mrs. Carmona.

PYLUSD also received a note of praise after they submitted their Local Control Accountability Program or LCAP. “Thank you for your thorough and timely preparation of the budget documents,” stated the OCDE (Orange County Department of Education.)

“The LCAP is a key part of the Local Control Funding Formula or LCFF. All the school districts must engage PYLUSD stockholders to make plans (like these) that describe the school district’s vision for students,” added Carmona.

Courtesy of: Judith Carmona

Carmona, who has been a board member since her election in 2010, was a Resource Specialist at Kraemer but, she also wrote six books that explain how to work with Special Ed students. Carmona was asked to join the Professional Development Academy, and she served as a teacher on Special Assignment for Intervention programs. She then retired and ran for school board staff and was elected president.

Their first set of goals were solely about academic achievement. PYLUSD hopes to make the district schools a more comfortable place for kids where literature is a hard subject, they plan to put two assistant principals in elementary schools with an abnormal amount of kids who have trouble with English.

They are also trying to recruit more teachers for smaller class size. Another change will be to make summer school more helpful to “at-risk” students according to the PYLUSD Local Control and Accountability Plan Executive Summary or CAPES.

Another set of goals the school board are working to achieve are for effective instruction and leadership, they plan to prepare to purchase more ELA/ELD textbooks, also, they  are going to provide collaborative coaching for teachers to support the implementation of district-wide initiatives according to the Accountability Summary. They would also like to provide more coaching for teachers in Special-Ed Areas.

Their third set of goals were to achieve a more engaged community, they want to send out a common district-wide Senior Exit Survey. They also want to constantly provide up to date gradebooks on, and expand the existing ones. Lastly, they want to increase the number of agreements with local colleges and universities.

The fourth goal set was directed toward providing a safe and respectful environment, they want to be certain that all schools have the right emergency supplies. They intend to find alternatives to suspension, and expand Saturday School programs to continue recovering ADA.  They also want to keep providing more anti-bullying assemblies throughout the school year. They plan to keep providing drug intervention services during the year.

The fifth and last set of goals the PYLUSD school board has set focus on optimizing resources, They want to completely eliminate OARS (Online Assessment Reporting System) and hopefully move to an alternate data management, they also would like to expand revenue generating opportunities through transportation, food, catering, and print shop.

“I care deeply about the students in PYLUSD. It is the fervent desire of the entire school board to ensure that every decision we make helps each and every student achieve to their highest potential. The students make us so proud!” added Mrs. Carmona.