Bernardo Yorba Meadows Concert Showcases BYMS Musicians

Photo Courtesy of Bernardo Yorba Middle School Jazz Band

Photo Courtesy of Bernardo Yorba Middle School Jazz Band

Approximately 220 BYMS musicians from Intermediate Orchestra, Advanced Orchestra, Jazz Band, and combined bands from periods one, two, three, and four, participated in the BYMS Yorba Meadows Concert, held on June 2, 2016 from six to eight pm on the BYMS Football Field.

The concert went very well.  All of the groups performed well.  It’s hard to play that concert…..the wind is blowing your music, the sun is in your eyes, and it’s hard to hear all of the other musicians because we are outside,” responded Mrs. Rita Watson, the BYMS band director when asked about some of the challenges of the concert.

This concert was the last for the year, showcasing the work and dedication of the students, and teachers. BYMS band teacher, Mrs. Watson stated, “All groups have grown so much since the beginning of the year.  Their tone quality is better, they can play much more difficult music and they can play the music with passion and expertise.”

BYMS wind ensemble student and bass clarinet student, Nina Guzman said, “I really enjoyed watching all of the other bands, but I was upset when it was over because this was our last time playing together as a band.”

When asked about the highlight of the performance, Markaus Zertuche a percussionist in wind ensemble said, “The gong crashes that Kyle Kirk did in John Williams, were a highlight for me.” Marcus told Matador Messenger reporter that he has grown as a musician but, “Even with the many things Mrs. Watson has taught me, there is still so much to learn.”