Martin Aguilar Foiled Kidnap Attempt in San Bernardino

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Edgar Valdez, age 35, was arrested for attempting to kidnap a four month old baby girl from a stroller on1400 block of North D Street in San Bernardino at 9:37 a.m. on May 21, according to San Bernardino Police Department Lt. Rich Lawhead.

Martin Aguilar a security guard was there, holding down the attempted kidnapper until police could arrive, according to

The suspect, Valdez, grabbed the baby and wrestled with the nanny Carmen Perez, but Perez was able to hold onto the baby and fend off the suspect.  After the failed kidnapping attempt, the shirtless suspect Valdez ran from the area.  Martin Aguilar saw what was occurring and detained Valdez until the police arrived, according to

“When I saw what he did, I knew it was time to jump into action,” reported Martin Aguilar with an interview with the Matador Messenger”

As for Valdez he is being charged with suspicion of attempted kidnap, child endangerment, assault and battery, reported

Carmen Perez said, “I felt so scared, but when I saw the baby was OK, I felt good.”  When Valdez tried to take the baby, “I started screaming, people came running, and he ran away.”

During the incident Perez received some minor scratches but she saved the baby from being abducted.  Both Perez and the baby were transported to the St. Bernadine Medical Center for treatment, according