Glenview Offers the First Dual Language Academy in PYLUSD

Photo Courtesy of 
Laurel Estrada

Photo Courtesy of Laurel Estrada

At the start of the 2016-2017 school year, PYLUSD’s Glenview Elementary School is launching a new Dual Language Academy in which enrolled students will learn to read, write, and speak effectively in both English and Spanish.

Students who complete the K-6 Dual Language Academy will leave elementary school well on their way to possessing the dual language skills and cross-country competencies needed to be college and career ready.

In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Dorie Staack, PYLUSD Director of Elementary Education and State and Federal Programs stated, Decades of research document the academic benefits of dual immersion including improved performance on standardized tests, enhanced cognitive skills, and increased cultural sensitivity.”

Under the leadership Principal Alondra Ramos, the Dual Language Academy will be a very exciting educational opportunity available to Glenview students, reported

“Families had the opportunity last fall to learn about the Dual Language Academy by attending a parent information session, after which they could apply to register their son or daughter for the program. Classes filled quickly, and a waiting list is currently being marked,” explained

“There has been tremendous interest in the Dual Language Academy at Glenview. Sixty-four students are enrolled in the program for the 2016-17 school year and there is a growing waiting list,” stated Staack.

“For now, the focus is on implementing a high quality, research-based dual immersion program at Glenview Elementary School. Taking into consideration parent interest, facilities, and District instructional goals, the program could expand in future years,” according to Staack.

“PYLUSD is committed to providing the highest quality educational opportunities for students. Dual Language Immersion is an excellent pathway to prepare students for college and career readiness in an increasingly global economy,” reported Staack.

Staack explained, “Deep understanding of a second language and the ability to understand cultural differences are skills that will set Dual Immersion students apart from their monolingual peers. Along with many districts in Orange County and throughout California, PYLUSD is proud to provide this unique and enriching educational opportunity for students.”